On Thursday, February 23, 2023, Congressman John Garamendi stopped by our union hall to discuss US Steel's pending closure of USS-UPI with Steve Berendsen, Ernie Quintana, and Anthony Rubio from Local 1440. Joshua Anijar and Joe Summers from the Contra Costa Labor Council were also in attendance.

On Wednesday, February 15, 2023, Ben Salazar, Steve Berendsen, Anthony Rubio, Ernie Quintana, and Marty Perez from USW Local 1440's Save Our Steel Mill Committee, along with Caitlin Vega and Sara Flocks from the California Labor Federation and Joshua Anijar from the Contra Costa Labor Council, met with Mary Hernandez and Jacque Roberts from Governor Gavin Newsom’s staff in Sacramento, California at the state capitol building. 

I know the news the past few days out of Afghanistan may be tough for some of us to see and hear. We are here for you - you are not alone!

CDC releases new mask guidance for vaccinated people

2021 USW local 1440 Election Results


Ben Salazar : 119

Anthony Rubio : 105


Vice President

Martin Fox “mongo” : 134

Ernie Quintana : 84


2021 Eligible Nominees

For USW Local 1440 Election 



Information on emergency legislative responses to the Covid-19 pandemic

So far, five bills have passed through the House and Senate and are now signed into law.

As COVID-19 infection rates soared to ever-higher levels early this year, hundreds of Steelworkers put their lives on the line – and some logged exhausting amounts of overtime – to distribute the vaccines essential to ending the pandemic.