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Today the Eboard received a formal albeit verbal request from the company to freeze our next years pay raise. At this point we have more questions than answers. We are supposed to be getting some information from the company by weeks end. I assure you that the information will be brought to the membership, and then the membership will decide the path forward. I’m not sure when meetings will take place, look for postings. The regular union meeting is Thursday the 19th.

President,  Mike Hernandez 

USW 15320

Union meeting tomorrow the 16th at the hall. We will be discussing alternate shifts for heavy equipment operations.

So I got the official word from the company today that everyone will be coming back as planned. Surface will be back on the 20th and the mine will be back in the 26th or when ever there next shift is after that. The company will contact everyone to notify them. Hopefully this is the end of this. Sales look ok for the future.

President, Mike Hernandez 

USW Local 15320

We had a meeting on the furlough today. There will be a few miners being recalled as of now. The decision was made to furlough the deca recovery employees and most of them will be offered janitor positions. The company will be getting ahold of everyone effected to tell them if and how there situation is changing. The current miners in the jainitorial position will most likely end going back underground unless the deca guys refuse the job. The plan still remains to have all surface employees back the 20 of July and miners back the 26.

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