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The Local 2705 Women of Steel Committee rapped up their school supply drive this past week by delivering all of the items to eight local schools. 

The Local 2705 recently wrapped up collections for its 2019 School Supply Drive.  Bins were placed thoughout the property and items that were donated were collected this last week.

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Here is a quick link to the MInnesota polling place finder.  Just click below, enter your zip code and then your street address and the site will quickly provide you with the name and address of the location where you can cast your ballot.

The primary election will be held on November 6th 2018.  We encourage all of our members to get out and vote.  The button below will take you to the Ballotpedia website where you can enter our address and it will show you who the candidates will be on your ballot.  An email address is not required.  You can then click on the name of each candidate to learn a little about them if you don't already know who they are.    

Here is where to find out who our representatives in congress are.  Just enter your zip code.  You can then go directly to the site of your representatives and send them a message concerning any issues you may have.

Recent News

The Local 2705 Women of Steel Committee is currently working on a school supply drive to help our local schools. 

The Local 2705 Golf Outing will be held on August 3rd 2019 at the Mesaba country Club.

Jan 11, 2019

USW letter regarding shutdown of U.S. government

Click here to download a printable version of this letter. 

USW International President Leo W. Gerard this week sent a letter to Washington, D.C., leaders about the shutdown of the United States government. Text of the letter is as follows:

The Local 2705 Women of Steel Comittee completed their First Annual Hat and Mitten Drive at the end of December.  The committee placed bins in each department for members to drop in donations of hats, mittens or jackets.  Donations of totalling $800 in cash were also received.  Using this money, the commitee purchased around 160 hats and 70  pairs of gloves.  They ended up with approximately 210 hats, 90 pairs of gloves and 16 jackets.

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