April 6, 2021: What happens if the Tentative Agreement is ratified?

We frequently hear the question: “What happens if the Tentative Agreement is ratified?”

  • Pay increase and progression advancement (double progression for those with 2-years service, up to level 21), go into effect the first full pay period after ratification (April 18, 2021).
  • The new Agreement (or contract), will become immediately enforceable, including the newly negotiated terms and provisions.
  • We will print the new contract booklets for distribution to all USW members so every member can understand their rights.
  • The Union will begin identifying and training a full complement of USW stewards to help us enforce our rights at work.

We have been negotiating for over one year in the worst environment our hospital has faced in its existence. As health care workers, we have seen and done things this last year that were unimaginable previously. Nonetheless, we have soldered through to a positive result at the bargaining table.

Our struggle does not end with this ratification – it is truly just the beginning of a Local 2801 strengthening effort. Covid 19 has taken its toll on our ranks – and it’s time to focus on building our solidarity and growing our capacity to enforce our contract.

If you’re interested in being a USW Steward, all you need is the desire to help your coworkers, and be a USW member in good standing. Please contact Bridgette at [email protected] if you are interested in becoming part of our USW 2801 “Stronger than Steel” Steward network.

In Unity from Your USW Local 2801 Negotiating Committee
Bridgette Perry, Ana Figueroa, Milton Lomas & the Team from the USW Int’l Union