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I don’t know what my pay grade is, how can I find that out?

You can find your pay grade by looking at Appendix A of the contract.

You can see here the tentatively agreed to Appendix A (click the pdf link below). The changes shown on Appendix A were detailed in the summary provided in the mailing with your ballot.

For any questions call the Local Union at 562-216-8930 or email [email protected]

We frequently hear the question: “What happens if the Tentative Agreement is ratified?”

Greetings USW Sisters & Brothers:

Your solidarity has made all the difference in the world! We (your Negotiating Committee) met once again with hospital management on Friday (3/19/2021). The results of this protracted negotiations were finally positive. We achieved a Tentative Agreement for a new Labor Contract.

The wage increases achieved are much improved over the previous offer; as we cannot be  treated as second class employees vs. non-union co-workers.

Your Negotiating Committee met with the Hospital all day today to continue negotiations. Much discussion around the Union’s wage proposals took place, but no agreement was reached.

We are scheduled to meet again next week - March 19th. We are hopeful that we will have more substantive information to report following those negotiations.