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One of the most troubling and difficult issues for the shop steward is the issue of insubordination. Many contracts say in clear language that an employee can be disciplined and discharged for insubordination.

When any local union examines the number of grievances filed in a year, they usually report that most of the paperwork deals with the issue of discipline.

For most shop stewards, the process of handling grievances is pretty routine. We are out there on the property, every day making sure that management holds to the agreement.

Many stewards do the basic work of grievance preparation. They listen to the grievant, investigate the issue and then decide whether the problem is grievable under the contract.

There is no magic to handling grievances. Your membership expects you to give them a fair shake. That is one of the many functions of the union.

                          What is a Grievance?

 Shop stewards even make mistakes. Some of these mistakes are particularly serious. Here is a list of 20 mistakes that shop stewards make. Read them over. Nod your heads.

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