This list is a current summary of classes our members have taken/offered.

Contact your ICD coordinator for more information on upcoming classes and how to sign up.

We have our first rods at the Boys&Girls Club auction in Sweet Home. A big shout out to our members who attended the classes and made the donation fishing rods.

A team effort of volunteers from both USW 7150 and 6163 (active and retired) as well as USW friends have taken over the Weigh-In Station at the Tournament on December 20-21st, 2019.

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Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Make Your Own Fishing Pole!

Today we have special guests from USW ICD. Sean Hayden (Executive Director) and Korey Fiste (Senior Program Specialist) flew in to check out our class! They are taking in how we run the class and how popular the class has become.

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