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Local 8888’s book event with author Lane Windham was the most successful non-bargaining program the local has hosted at the union hall in a long, long time. Ms.

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The new executive board that will lead Local 8888 for the next three years was sworn-in at the May 19th membership meeting. Retiring president Arnold Outlaw turned over the gavel to Charles Spivey, who had served as vice president for the past three years. It was an emotional occasion for Outlaw, who had served more years and more terms as Local 8888 president than any of his predecessors.

It’s Time to Turn Up the Heat!
Thursday, June 29, 2017
2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
USW Local 8888 Union Hall
4306 Huntington Ave.
Newport News, VA 23607

What could be better than a pre-Fourth of July barbecue where you get FREE FOOD and a timely update about where negotiations stand 10 days before the current contract is due to expire on July 9, 2017? Bring your appetite and be ready to show the company that we’re serious and united about a getting a fair contract!

The best way for you to stay on top of breaking news regarding contract negotiations is to sign up for mobile text alerts sent by Local 8888. Just send a text message to 47486. Enter LU8888. Hit send. That’s it. You’ll receive the next bargaining update on your phone – and you can share it with other members. Stay connected! Get the facts.

The USW Local 8888 Negotiations Committee is meeting regularly now to put together the union’s package of contract proposals. But one thing is clear already: the days of taking for granted automatic improvements in the contract are over. Believe it.

Why? Because the bargaining environment we face in 2017 is different than what we dealt with in 2013 or even 2008. The players have changed in Washington and in the company that we will negotiate with. Management’s focus is on containing the company’s health care costs and pleasing its shareholders.