Dear USW / NTAPE Member,

Below is the response I am forwarding to the Interim Director Cooper and Deputy Director of Dallas County CSCD, as well as to serveral District Judges, regarding the lack of transparency in the Administration due to not following their own policy for reduction in force. During these uncertain times, the departmental employees deserve clarity and tranparency from its administration. All USW NTAPE 9487 members should know that the leadership is genuinely concerned about the future of our departments, but, more importantly, the future of our members.

Yours in Solidarity,

Lou Luckhardt , President USW Local 9487


LOCAL 9487

 Interim Director Cooper

Deputy Director Love

 Reduction in Force is an extreme process to address budgetary shortfalls in any Probation Department.

During my 25 years tenure with Dallas County Probation Department, I have not experienced the use of Reduction in Force layoffs as described in The Dallas County CSCD Human Resources Policy Manual. 

The Policy Manual describes a process in which transparency is attained through a written notification by the Director where the following information is enumerated: (A) The number of employees to be laid off, (B) the pay group(s) involved, (C) the job title(s) affected, and (D) the date the employees are to be laid off.  The Policy Manual also lists the order of layoff of employees and can also utilize a list of criteria that can be considered in the determination of employee layoff within a pay group.  The first criteria listed is Seniority. This choice appears to not have taken place. 

It is the Union’s understanding that the administration has laid off employees who are urinalysis technicians claiming that the position was being eliminated but certain UA technicians are retaining their positions, such the technician in Divert Court, while technicians in field offices have been given notice that they will be laid off on 8/31/2020.  Our local members (employees) are concerned about the lack of proper announcement of Reduction in Force actions taken to lay off certain members of this pay group involved and the lack of complete elimination of this pay group.  Due to this lack of transparency, it appears the method of terminating employees without proper process as outlined in Policy Manual is ambiguous. 

Reduction of Force is a serious method of reducing cost and, more importantly, without following procedures outlined in Policy Manual, the employees fear more arbitrary action to terminate individuals in other pay groups will follow.  Seniority, as described in Policy Manual, is enumerated in the criteria that can be considered in layoffs due to Reduction of Force and it is our understanding the UA technicians still retaining their employment have far less seniority then some employees being laid off.

 Members of USW Local 9487 are genuinely concerned that if a Reduction of Force action is taken by this administration, clarity requires following procedures as outlined in our Policy Manual to terminate employees.  Employees of Dallas County CSCD request proper notification of Reduction of Force actions decided by the Administration.

Sincerely yours,

 Lou Luckhardt, Local 9487