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Good evening Brothers and Sisters,

Due to salary issues with the County Payroll Department, too much money was deducted from paychecks for several union dues. Our Local does not get direct payments from the county but rather the international receives the payments then the international returns our portion of the dues. Our local is willing to return excess dues to anyone who submits the pay stubs with the listed deductions over the regular dues amount. We have no verification of which members were affected with this problem. Our local will develop corrective procedures with payroll for ending over deductions.

Dallas County CSCD members should be made aware of the need to prepare their own individual personnel files to be kept at home. CSCD Attorneys in Austin/Department HR have recently denied access to portions of the personnel file when it reaches Dallas County CSCD HR department after an employee is terminated.


We proudly endorse the following candidates:

Dallas County Judge: Clay Jenkins

Dallas County Commissioner Precinct 4: Elba Garcia

Dallas County Commissioner Precinct 2: Philip Kingston

Dallas County District Attorney: John Creuzot

District Judge, 204th Judicial District: Tammy Kemp

District Judge, 203rd Judicial District: Raquel Jones

District Judge, 195th Judicial Court: Hector Garza

District Judge, 194th Judicial District: Ernest White

District Judge, 265th Judicial District: Jennifer Bennett