Become a Volunteer Organizer or Worksite Leader

Organizing Committee: These leaders are foundational to the success and growth of our organization. They help organize and build our union by serving as worksite leaders and educators.

Worker's Compensation Committee: The members of this committee serve as the body within our organization that stays abreast of worker's compensation issues that face our workers.

Saftey & Health Committee: This committee is established to make sure that our organization stays abreast of all health and safety concerns that face our membership.

Civil Rights Committee: This group of leaders works to research and ensure the extension and protection of the civil rights and liberties of our members. 

Women of Steel Committee:  This committee is made up of our female union members. This group meets to discuss, research, and propose ideas for solutions to problems that face women in the workforce.

Veterans of Steel Committee:  A newly-formed program within the USW that was established to discuss, research, and find solutions for issues that face our military veterans in the workplace.

Next Generation Committee: A program to inspire and educate the young members of the United Steelworkers. It aims to make our union viable and relevant for the future by introducing our newest members to a lifetime of activism.


SOAR Committee: Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees is made up of USW retirees. They work to come up with proposed solutions to  assure security for current and future generations of retirees regardless of whether they belong to a union or not.