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We proudly endorse the following candidates:

Dallas County Judge: Clay Jenkins

Dallas County Commissioner Precinct 4: Elba Garcia

Dallas County Commissioner Precinct 2: Philip Kingston

Dallas County District Attorney: John Creuzot

District Judge, 204th Judicial District: Tammy Kemp

District Judge, 203rd Judicial District: Raquel Jones

District Judge, 195th Judicial Court: Hector Garza

District Judge, 194th Judicial District: Ernest White

District Judge, 265th Judicial District: Jennifer Bennett

Dear USW / NTAPE Member,

Below is the response I am forwarding to the Interim Director Cooper and Deputy Director of Dallas County CSCD, as well as to serveral District Judges, regarding the lack of transparency in the Administration due to not following their own policy for reduction in force. During these uncertain times, the departmental employees deserve clarity and tranparency from its administration. All USW NTAPE 9487 members should know that the leadership is genuinely concerned about the future of our departments, but, more importantly, the future of our members.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins on Sunday issued an order requiring residents to shelter in place. 

The order takes effect at 11:59pm March 23 and continues until 11:59pm April 3.

At this time, Dallas County CSCD employees should report to work as scheduled per your shift until otherwise notified by your supervisor.

Dear USW / NTAPE Member,

This is a very important item we are asking you to act on. 

On February 18th, USW District 13 will host two very important Town Hall Meetings. These MEMBER ONLY events are happening around the country because we want to know what issues are important to our members. Make your voice heard by taking the online survey and reserving your spot for one of the upcoming town halls. 

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