Every Worker is More Than a Number

April 28th is known throughout the Country as Worker’s Memorial Day. A day to remember those who have died, been injured or suffered illness from the toils of their work.

In our plant, 31 precious lives have been lost since 1967. 31 families have been forever changed. For Burns Harbor, Workers Memorial Day is personal.

Countless people have been impacted by witnessing a devastating accident involving one of our own. The death or serious injury of a coworker, not only affects and changes a family, it changes us. Each person in our plant is valuable and brings something to our team and to the world. The loss of a single person is an overwhelming tragedy. Each person here is much more than just a number.

This is why, it is important to carry the memories of our fallen Brothers and Sisters.

We must remember them, not only today, but every day. We must remember them in our daily tasks and our every movement. We owe it to them. We owe it to their families. We owe it to the men and women working here today and we owe it to the next generation of Steelworkers to ensure they did not die in vain.

We can’t change the past, but we can work together for a better tomorrow with a renewed promise of safe jobs for all workers.

In Solidarity on this Somber Day, 
Pete Trinidad Sr. 
USW 6787