Important Information Regarding Parental & Domestic Violence Leave

While bargaining our 2022 Basic Labor Agreement, we were successful in adding important language for paid Parental and Domestic Violence leave. To clarify this language and its implementation moving forward the following guidelines are outlined below.

Parental Leave, will run concurrent with FMLA if you have FMLA available. This language allows you to take two consecutive weeks of paid leave at your Base Rate of Pay following the birth, adoption or placement of a child and must be taken within six months. Parental Leave may begin on any day of the week.  However, for births, adoptions or placements which occurred on or after March 1st of this year, the leave may be taken until March 1st of 2023 only if you notify your Administrative Assistant and Megan Cole at HR of your request for leave before December 1st.  You MUST notify both.   This language is modified for this year only. Megan may be reached at (219) 787-3433 or [email protected]  

Parental Leave and Domestic Violence Leave will be considered as hours worked for calculating Profit Sharing, Pension, Inflation Recognition Payments and Restricted Retiree Healthcare Accounts. In the event a paid holiday occurs during a recognized leave, such shall not disqualify you from receiving pay for the unworked holiday.

Please remember, this language is modified for this year only.  If you have been impacted by the birth, adoption or placement of a child and you wish to utilize your negotiated leave benefit, you have six months to utilize such leave.

In Solidarity, 

Pete Trinidad Sr. 
USW Local 6787