LMP Termination

We are beginning to see new growth in the market place, especially in automotive and appliances. Due to these subtle, yet positive changes, we have convinced management to terminate the LMP. Next week, Employees who are in departments where production levels are still recovering, may be assigned to a temporary plant labor pool and will not be laid off since there is no longer a Layoff Minimization Plan.  

The terminated 63 probationary employees will be rehired in waves per our previous agreement. These employees may be returning to their original departments or they may be utilized elsewhere in the plant depending on staffing needs. We are very happy to have all of our Brothers and Sisters reuniting with us soon.

We will continue to encourage the Company to post bids in all areas of the plant. We expect to see Labor Grade 2, Crane Operator bids in Finishing as a plant-wide opportunity soon. Current Finishing Employees will receive preferential bidding rights for these vacancies.

The temporary revision agreement regarding Alternative Work Schedules has been terminated. However, some areas will not immediately revert back to their original AWS. The Company will abide by the Basic Labor Agreement and may reintroduce AWS or Normal Work Week schedules based on business needs.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to meet with Cleveland-Cliffs top executives. The meeting went very well and they are excited to work with us after their acquisition. Knowing our new owners are enthusiastic to work with us, is encouraging and reassuring. We are well on our way to proving our worth to our new partners.  

In Solidarity, 
Pete Trinidad Sr. 
Local 6787 President 

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