LMP Update #5

As the devastation of COVID-19 continues, we continue to take direct hits. Recently, the Company has announced they are going to temporarily idle iron range, Hibbing Taconite for the next couple of months laying off about 650 people, leaving approximately 50 people to work fire watch. We will be closely monitoring the situation at Hibbing. We have been assured we will continue to receive pellets from other sources. This news comes a week after Cleveland-Cliffs announced they are idling Northshore Mining and U.S. Steel is going to idle Keetac.

We currently have about 310 displaced, laid off or terminated Brothers and Sisters. The Union was notified today that the Company will be recalling some back next week to Hot Strip and Iron Producing and letting some go from Finishing. Manning levels are being reviewed at Y&T since Contractors have been removed. At this time, the Company has not shared how many will be affected.  Employees are still being canvassed to determine whether they will remain in the pool or be laid off. Voluntary lay-offs are still being offered.

It is still unclear how operations at Burns Harbor will be fully impacted. Due to reduced production levels, our incentive plans are suffering. We have filed grievances directly into the second step of the grievance procedure. We will keep you posted as it progresses. Members assigned to Housekeeping will receive Plant-Wide incentive and will turn their time sheets into their incumbent departments.

Please do not lose focus of your health and safety. The Union has requested face masks for all Members who wish to utilize them in the workplace. If you are interested please see your area Safety Representatives.

In Solidarity, 
Pete Trinidad Sr. 
USW Local 6787 President