March 2021 Update

After almost eleven years of back and forth, we are finally seeing the genesis of the highly anticipated Walking Beam Furnaces as we successfully produced Hot Band Coils yesterday in the Hot Mill out of Furnace #4. This addition to our plant did not come without sacrifice and for this, you should be commended. Moving forward, we will continue to engage the Company to agree to an interim incentive plan as we collect data to base the future incentive plan on.

On another note, after reviewing the Arbitrator’s SUB pay arbitration award, anyone who met the criteria for SUB pay under Article 8 of our Basic Labor Agreement should be compensated April 5th. Please remember, SUB pay is a percentage of your base rate dependent on your years of service and only applies to those laid off, either voluntarily or involuntarily. We will see these payments reflected on our pay stubs any day now titled as “Grievance Pay” in the Earnings Section.   If you have any questions or notice a discrepancy regarding the award, please bring it to our attention immediately.

Recently, there have been a number of accidents in the plant. Recognizing hazards before they become tragedies is necessary to our well being as well as those around us. Please remember, we need to look out for one another. Every one of us are the first line of defense when it comes to identifying potential issues. Every safe choice you make is an investment in what is truly important, your health and your family.

In Solidarity, 
Pete Trinidad Sr. 
USW Local 6787 President