About Us

Our Mission

The working men and women of the United Steelworkers Union, Local 890L believe that all persons have the right to the full enjoyment of the wealth created by their labor. We further believe this right cannot be fully realized except through the free and democratic organization by which we unite ourselves. We are the Union.

 Our Objectives

It is the objective of this Local Union to establish and maintain collective bargaining for the benefit of its workers at Titan Tire and the Bryan Eagles. We vow to conduct a never-ending effort to secure just compensation for our members, reasonable hours of toil and working conditions that are conducive to safety, good health and the full enjoyment of life.

Local Leadership

Rick Hughart- Unit Chair/President   Phone: 419.212.3835    email:[email protected]

Caleb Pelz - Recording Secretary/Treasurer  Phone: 419.212.2817    email: [email protected]

Dek Kittle- Unit Griever/Pension & Insurance Phone: 567.239.9130  email: [email protected]

Johnathan Bany- Unit Griever/Workers Compensation  Phone: 

Anthony Shell- Unit Griever  Phone:

Del Kuney- Vice President    Phone: 419.212.1964    email: [email protected]


Neal Johnson- Workers Compensation/Trustee    Phone: 419.212.3523  email:[email protected]

Doug Williamson- Time Study/Trustee    Phone: 419.630.5539     email:[email protected] 

 Ray Stark- Unit Griever/Trustee/Steward  Phone: 419.485.3827  email: [email protected]



Paul Burkardt - Union Sterward Phone: 419.212.2450

Javic Mayhue - Union Steward Phone: 419.980.8156

Jake Hoffer - Union Stward Phone: 419.212.1025

Cynthia Sproles - Women of Steel 

Saftey Committee - Jeff Handley, Neal Johnson, Kody Woolace, Shawn Haase.

Civil Rights Committee - RickHughart, Del Kuney, Caleb Pelz, Cynthia Sproles.