Thank You Mr. John Lewis

Thank You Mr. John Lewis

There is not enough time to list all of the achievements of this man. There isn't one phrase, picture, or video that I can link you to that can properly sum up his life.

To live a life, dedicated to the service of others in words and in action is extends beyond our roles as American citizens. To live this life, devoted to people's rights, worker's rights, and the rights of ALL people takes an unselfish character.

This type of character leads doctors, nurses, and staff to stand their ground in the face of a pandemic. It leads soldiers to the battlefield in the midst of war. It leads our brothers and sisters of our police forces to carry on doing the work in the midst of contraversy created by a few. It is that same type of character that keep the effort going to help define "a more perfect union".

These qualities are the root of America. They are the heart of Christianity. They are the backbone of our humanity.

I challenge you to take a few minutes out of your life to at least read about a man who gave his whole adult life to make, not just a few lives better, not just minorities equal, not just fighting for UNION WORKER RIGHTS , not just for making healthcare worker's lives better, BUT ALL LIVES ARE BETTER.


U.S. House of Representatives

5th Congressional District of Georgia

This video below is from a day whenever the USW Rapid Response Legislative team met up with other various unions from across America to request congress to help to save pensions. Rep. John Lewis and others fought and helped pass H.R. 397 in the US House of Representatives. This bill now sits in the Republican led Senate as S.2254.

John Lewis - Ways and Means Committee