USW Continues Fight for Working People in Face of COVID-19


I want to update you on some of the important work our union is doing in these difficult, uncertain times.


The COVID-19 crisis is impacting everyone differently depending on region, industry, and even family situation.


However, we remain committed to helping every single one of our members and continuing the important work of our union, even if that work now looks slightly different because of the current circumstances.


Health care

Since the COVID-19 shelter in place order came out the Union has been in continuous contact with the company on what is to happen at UPI. During this time we are in agreement that UPI is an essential business and needs to stay open for multiple essential companies that use our products. We have also talked about how we are to make sure all of the employees are to stay safe and how to help stop the spread of the Virus.

Due to the COVID-19 virus,

UPI is limiting face-to-face contact.

Please read the entire notice.
Signing Bonus
The Signing Bonus payment will be on: Tuesday April 7, 2020

This information is from CDC. Also if you are not feeling well or have been around someone who was not feeling well please don't attend the union meeting.

The Union Leadership just had a meeting with the company to find out information on the sale of Posco's portion of UPI to US Steel.

In this meeting we were told that business will continue as usual, The Union contract will be upheld through the term of the agreement, All pensions, Retirements and contracts will be absorbed by USS and will be upheld. The company said that UPI will continue to be a stand alone company and the employees should not see any changes.

Due to resignations and retirements, the positions of Vice President and Guard of USW Local #1440 are Available.

All Members of USW #1440 who are interested in the positions, must notify the Union in writing and deliver such notice to the union hall no later than 4pm on march 11, 2020.
We have been ask to past along a message about the local Brentwood Teachers Association.
There is a Rally today from 3-8.
Its location is at Brentwood Union school District 255 Guthrie Lane in Brentwood
They have been  having troubles in negotiations. 11 full days  of negotiations and have still not made any headway in their contract.
A Union Must Support All Union In Solidarity! 

USW Names Prescott as Union’s Director for Western U.S. States

Contact: R.J. Hufnagel, [email protected], 412-562-2450

The United Steelworkers (USW) Executive Board today announced the appointment of Gaylan Z. Prescott to replace the late Robert LaVenture as director of the USW’s District 12.

A longtime union activist and leader, Prescott had served as the assistant to Director LaVenture since January 2018. LaVenture passed away suddenly on Nov. 13 at the age of 68.