Local 1537 Next Generation New Hire Orientation

Next Generation is a program to inspire, educate and empower the young members of the United Steelworkers.The Next Generation program honors our past, protects our present and aims to make our union viable and relevant for the future through education, communication and solidarity


  • Educate And Research

The Scholarship is open to high school seniors who graduate in June of 2018. To be eligible, the applicant must be a child, stepchild, or legally adopted child of a member of the USW Glass Industry Conference with continuous membership for at least one year. The USW will award five scholarships for the 2017-2018 high school academic year; each for $1,000. If you are interested please call the union office or see Jim Fennell for more information. All applications must be postmarked by August 1, 2018.

Welcome to Dlubak Corp. (USW LU 1537-06) Dlubak Corporation Corporate Offices and glass fabrication facility is located at 520 Chestnut Street in Blairsville, PA. The company website is www.dlubakglass.com.
Welcome to Lehigh Specialty Melting (USW LU 1537-03) Lehigh Specialty Melting is located at 107 Gertrude Street in Latrobe, PA . The company website is www.whemco.com. We currently represent over 50 members employed by the Company.
Welcome to Specialty Bar Products (USW LU 1537-02) Specialty Bar Products Company Corporate Offices and manufacturing facility is located at 200 Martha Street in Blairsville, PA. The company website is www.specialty-bar.com.
Welcome to Latrobe Specialty Metals (USW LU 1537-01) Latrobe Special Metals is located at 2626 Ligonier Street, in Latrobe, PA. The company website is www.latrobesteel.com. We currently represent over 400 members employed by the Company.