About Us

We are the United Steelworkers, North America’s largest industrial union. We’re 1.2 million members and retirees strong in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. We proudly represent men and women who work in nearly every industry there is. Our members are leaders in your communities, in your work places, in our governments and more. We have a presence in the United Kingdom, Ireland, England, Scotland, Mexico and many other places around the world.

We believe in better. We stand up and fight back for better. We work for working families around the world.


As a member of the International United Steelworkers in District 10, We strive to protect workers' rights and benefits, and maintain a safe working environment for all of its represented members. The USW Local Union #1537 began in 1937 with the Steelworkers Organization Committee (SWOC) as a local union comprised of active and retired members who worked for a single company - Latrobe Steel Company. Today, we are an amalgamated and much stronger Local Union comprised of different units whose members are employed with different companies, some of which produce a product quite different than steel.

This is Our Union, an organization fighting to improve our wages, benefits and working conditions; to ensure justice and dignity on the job; and to create a social movement to better the lives of all working people.