Alma Garcia

(760) 810-5116

Alma Garzon is a Financial Counselor at Providence St. Mary Medical Center. She facilitates and educates patients on different financial options to receive compassionate, innovative, and quality healthcare. Alma has over 23 years of experience in the healthcare industry and over 13 years of involvement with the union. She is passionate about empowering members and fighting for fairness. As part of the union, Alma has held various roles, including Financial Secretary, Steward, Local President, HealthCare Coordinator for District 12,  Woman Of Steel Facilitator, Leadership Program participant, Negotiation Committee member, Communication Act Team (CAT) member, Rapid Response member and various other roles. She remains committed to making a difference by sharing her expertise and knowledge to build a stronger labor movement. Alma is also passionate about improving her local community by participating in multiple community outreach programs and volunteer events, such as cleaning up our community streets and volunteering at her local homeless shelter. Alma is currently based in Apple Valley, California.