Stewards Toolbox

As a Smokey Mountain Local 507 Steward, you have one of the most important roles to play in the Union. You are on the front lines of what is happening within the Union and your workplace. 

As a Steward, you make collective bargaining agreements meaningful by helping your co-workers implement their contract and defend their rights on a day-to-day basis. 

I encourage you to sign up to United Steelworkers Education Department Online and take these classes.

Union Stewards Basics Course: Learn the Fundamentals of Being a Union Shop Steward

How to Write a Grievance: Understanding the fundamentals of grievance writing  

These items will help you be effective and informed.

  • Labor Agreements- Master Agreement and the Local Labor Amendment. (Get all side-agreements from your Departmental VP)
  • Smokey Mountain Local 507 Constitution and By-Laws
  • USW Duties of Local Union Officers
  • USW Steward Training Manual
  • USW Stewards Handbook
  • USW Grievance Report and USW Grievance Report fillable
  • USW Union Right to Information
  • Intro to OSHA

Remember that you are not alone! The best union education happens when members pass along tips and information to each other. You should feel comfortable approaching your Departmental Vice President, and other stewards with questions, concerns, and ideas.

Thank You for Stepping Up!



Troy Dills

President, USW Local 507