Department specific meetings started in early 2019 and will continue through September. They last an hour, and give us the opportunity to talk about specific issues in our areas and ask questions in a smaller setting. See the schedule to confirm your department's meeting!

All meetings occur on Tuesdays at the Westland Area Library - 4740 W Broad St. 43228

This is just past the 270 and 70 interchange, behind the Rooster's restaurant

Department Meeting Schedule - All dates are Tuesdays

Aug 27th (Final Cut, Bakery, Barbacks, Bartenders, Bev Servers)

12pm Final Cut, Bakery

2pm Barbacks, Bartenders, Beverage Servers

Sept 3 (EVS, Warehouse, Wardrobe) 4pm

Sept 10th monthly membership meeting @ Hilltop Library & Subject Area Expert Tables

Sept 17th (Slots) 2pm

Sept 24th (Poker) 2pm

Oct 1st (Stewarding) 12pm

Please note, if your department is not listed that is because the meeting already occured