Our Power and Right to Vote

The Power of the Vote!
When union members cast their ballots, our year-round work is stronger because elected officials are more responsive to those who vote. It’s also a way we hold lawmakers accountable and keep our issues on their radar. Showing up to vote plays a role in the success or failure of these efforts. There is power in our vote if we choose to use it!
That’s why Rapid Response is teaming up with the USW’s Next Gen and Women of Steel programs for nonpartisan virtual discussions on the power of the vote. Our presentations will include a brief history of the right to vote and our power when we choose to exercise that right. In addition, we will explore legislative issues that uniquely impact women and new and young workers. Finally, our session will conclude with a conversation on what we can do to ensure that our voices are a part of the conversation. RSVP to reserve your spot today!