USW Local 1-423 Kelowna

Unity and Strength for Forestry Workers – ACT NOW!

 The forestry sector has always played a key role in Canada’s economic health. Now more than ever, it needs strong government action to ensure that it can continue to sustainably support workers’ families, their communities, as well as many of our public services.

Right now, thousands of USW members and forestry workers could be in danger of losing their livelihoods. Decisions are being made that could affect the future of the forestry employment industry in British Columbia.

We need to tell the government that we support a low-carbon wood industry that lowers British Columbia’s environmental footprint but that it must also protect the forestry industry and it’s viability. We are asking members and advocates to send a letter today in support of forestry workers! Even if you are not working directly in the industry, we know that the reduction in revenue and jobs will affect all communities.

Send a letter by clicking here. If you are using a phone, please remember to click on the words, “I accept Privacy Policy”.

Thank you for your support.