National Grid is jeopardizing the safety of our communities by locking out 1,100 of its most experienced employees who are critical to ensuring safe and quality gas work in Massachusetts.

While bargaining our 2022 Basic Labor Agreement, we were successful in adding important language for paid Parental and Domestic Violence leave. To clarify this language and its implementation moving forward the following guidelines are outlined below.

The 9/1/18 United Steelworkers Basic Labor Agreement (BLA) provides for a profit-sharing pool of 7.5% of the company’s profits, defined as Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT).  The company reported an unaudited Adjusted EBIT of 108,791,931.33. 

As a result, the Q3 2022 profit-sharing pool is $7,729,394.85.

There were 6,332,585.75 eligible hours worked resulting in a profit-sharing amount of $1.221 per hour with a maximum of 48 eligible hours per week.

Per our 2018 Basic Labor Agreement, Inflation Recognition Payments (IRPs) will be made in lump sum, quarterly payments if cumulative inflation exceeds 3% per year.

At the end of each calendar quarter, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) will be compared to a Consumer Price Threshold. If the actual CPI is higher than the CPI Threshold, a lump sum payment shall be made equal to each full 1% by which the CPI is higher than the threshold. 

In the third quarter, the CPI averaged 2% higher than the threshold, which will grant us a lump sum payment for this quarter.

The deadline for 2023 Open Enrollment is November 13, 2022.  If you are not going to make any changes to your medical plan no action is required and your previous year’s elections will remain unchanged.

Corporate Management has taken the position to limit scheduling to no more than 12 hours in some areas. By issuing this mandate, it does not mean it voids or supersedes any of our agreements.