National Grid is jeopardizing the safety of our communities by locking out 1,100 of its most experienced employees who are critical to ensuring safe and quality gas work in Massachusetts.

There is a recently negotiated benefit regarding a new program for FREE Hearing Protection!

USW 6787 and Alternative Hearing Care has reached an agreement. We are now offering free custom-made hearing protection to all active and retired USW 6787 union members.

They will make the ear molds to create custom made hearing protection for you. They come in 14 colors, are very comfortable and can last many years. This is a free service valued at $200.

The 2018 Basic Labor Agreement has been ratified.     

The total votes cast for the 14 Local Unions of ArcelorMittal USA are as follows:

Total Ballots: 7,215

Yes: 5,969 (82.7% voted yes)

No: 1,246

 The breakdown of votes cast from Burns Harbor are as follows:

Total Ballots: 2,089

Yes: 1,756 (84.06% voted yes) 

No: 333 

The 9/1/15 United Steelworkers Basic Labor Agreement (BLA) provides for a profit sharing pool of 7.5% of the company’s profits, defined as Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT).  The Company reported an unaudited adjusted EBIT of $381,216,346.93.

 As a result, there was $28,591,226.02 in profit sharing generated for the pool. There were 6,274,317.86 eligible hours worked resulting in a profit sharing amount of $4.557 per hour with a maximum of 48 eligible hours per week.

 $4.557 x 520 hours = $2,369.64

Please see the pdf below to view the propsed summary between the United Steelworkers and ArcelorMittal.

On November 2nd, 2018 the USW reached a Tentative Agreement with ArcelorMittal.

I would like to thank the Executive Board members, Communications Action Team, and each and every one of you for all of your support, patience, and such a strong showing of solidarity and unity during the bargaining process.

Now that we have a tentative agreement, it is our job to explain that agreement to the membership.

After months of bargaining, our negotiating committee is pleased to report that we have reached tentative agreement with ArcelorMittal on contracts covering about 15,000 USW members of 13 local unions.

The proposed four-year agreement mirrors the industry standard on wages, lump-sum payments and pensions and maintains or improves our existing health insurance benefits for active and retired Steelworkers and their dependents.