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Current Contract

MOA (Bereavement, PTO, LWOP)
IH/RF Group Appendix H
IH/RF Group Appendix F
Performance Evaluation Removal MOA
2022 Juneteenth MOA

CBA Extension MOA

Letter of Clarification for teleworking.


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Wellness Program:

Click HERE for the Proof of Visit Form.

If you are enrolled in FBP’s Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance plan and have not completed the Wellness Program requirements, you and your covered spouse still have time. Don’t miss out on reduced medical premium cost share of 20 percent. Requirements must be completed for both you and your covered spouse.

  • Complete the “AgeGage” health risk assessment
  • Complete the “SayAah” preventive annual exam and submit form via your WellRight account.

 How to Register for the Wellness Program:

1. Go to fbp.wellright.com

2. Click Register and then “I am the employee or I am the spouse”

3. Complete all fields, ensuring your employee ID (not badge #) is accurate.

4. If you have any issues registering, contact [email protected].

5. Click the link sent to your email to verify your email address.

6. Bookmark the URL and login to start participating!

 Full details are available at fbp.wellright.com to get started now! Deadline for completion: Oct. 23, 2022.

Physician Visit Information and Form to be completed in able to continue with the 20 percent premium cost share.

NEW for CY-2022:

You and your covered spouse can earn rewards points toward gift cards through Anthem BC/BS rewards program, if both are covered under the plan.  This is separate from the Wellness requirement through FBP WellRight in order to continue to receive the 20 percent cost share healthcare premium.  Both you and your covered can earn rewards points that equate up to $200.00 for completion of wellness requirements through the Anthem BC/BS application Sydney Health or via the Anthem website.  Create accounts for yourself and your spouse via the Anthem website or download the Sydney Health App to your mobile device.  There are numerous ways to earn rewards points through wellness exams such as a preventive physical (same one needed for WellRight requirement); mammograms; flu shots (through physician or pharmacy); dental/vision appointments; participation in online wellness videos and fit bit tracking.

All gift cards must be redeemed NLT December 31, 2022 for both you and your covered spouse who are participating.  Anthem states could take up to (60) days to post claims to your Myhealthcare dashboard on the site or app so all claims toward wellness rewards should be submitted NLT November 1, 2022.