RETURN TO WORK Briggs Unit Employees and Strattec Unit Employees

Bargaining Committee Position Winner - Bridget Glover !

March Membership Meeting (ALL UNITS COMBINED)

Strattec: Second Ratification Vote

June Membership Meeting - Briggs

June Membership Meeting - Strattec

May Membership Meeting - Briggs Unit

May Membership Meeting - Strattec & SEIU Units

Executive Board and Bargaining Committee Meetings


USW District 2 Town Hall Meeting

USW District 2 Town Hall Meeting

STRATTEC - December Job Preference Period

STRATTEC - October Job Preference Period

STRATTEC - August Job Preference Period

STRATTEC - June Job Preference Period

STRATTEC - April Job Preference Period

STRATTEC - February Job Preference Period

Trial Committee Report Presentation Meeting

Rescheduled Special Trial Meeting

Special Membership Meeting - Trial Committee Selection

June/July Job Preference Due - Strattec

STRATTEC - 2nd Round Vacation Due (Full Weeks)

Strattec - 1st Round Vacation Due (Full Weeks)

STRATTEC - Good Friday Policy

Bay View Tragedy - 133rd Anniversary Commemoration

Union Activist & Steward Workshop

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