Local 2-232

Strattec Nominees  have been selected for the Bargaining Committee  Position!

We have three nominees in this election

“The happy people don’t talk to me,” is a phrase you’ll hear me say often. It’s true that one of the things that your Union provides is a person to help you solve problems at work.

Recent News

Hello Brothers and Sisters of Local 2-232, I hope that you are well.

We have had a few incidents in the past few weeks with management and union members having heated verbal exchanges. This has been a problem in every job that I have ever had, and I know that we are all used to a boss losing his temper; however, in a Union shop it is a little bit different.

Brothers and Sisters,

We are strong! We are United! And we don't quit! We are in this fight for the long run. So suck it up and keep pressing. Look back at history. It might seem like we aren't making progress now but we are leaps and bounds from where our predecessors started and that's because our parents fought before us. We fight so future generations don't have to.

In Solidarity,

De'Leon Jamsion Jr.

This year has come and gone so fast Brothers and Sisters!

It was full of eventful moments: District 7 merger,  The Union Social, The NextGen Conference, The Labor Day Parade, The USW Luncheon/Rally and so much more!

Here's some photos to recap the year! We hope all the Brothers and Sisters enjoy this Holiday season with their families and we can't wait to get started on the next chapter when we all return next year...

There is so much more to come in 2023!

Saturday July 23, you and your family are invited to come celebrate your Union at the return of the Solidarity Social.

This years event will be held at Riviera Lanes (8600 W. Greenfield Ave. West Allis, WI 53214) and will include bowling, food, drinks, games and Union speakers.

The event will run from noon until 5:00 pm. Stop in for some food and fun or stay for the whole event.