Local 2-232

Strattec Nominees  have been selected for the Bargaining Committee  Position!

We have three nominees in this election

“The happy people don’t talk to me,” is a phrase you’ll hear me say often. It’s true that one of the things that your Union provides is a person to help you solve problems at work.

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Hello Brothers and Sisters of Local 2-232, I hope that you are well.

We have had a few incidents in the past few weeks with management and union members having heated verbal exchanges. This has been a problem in every job that I have ever had, and I know that we are all used to a boss losing his temper; however, in a Union shop it is a little bit different.

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Mandatory O.T. black out dates


Brothers and Sister of Local 2-232,

I wanted to start by saying thank you to everyone who came out to vote and had your voices heard in both of our ratification meetings. With the passage of this contract we have secured higher wages, additional benefits, and security for everyone for the next four years. I truly believe this contract is one of the best our members have seen and is without a doubt a foundation to build future agreements on.




While the Union understands that the second ratification meeting is being called quickly, we believe the gains to be substantial in addressing the concern of the majority of our members based on feedback following the rejection of the first tentative agreement, the response to the Union's text program, and the quick turn around in the Rejection Surveys. The proposed changes in the Last Offer Document expire by midnight on September 7, 2021.