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      We are proud to announce some positive changes for our Briggs & Stratton Unit.

2021 Dates for Vacation:


First round (weeks only) due on                 

Recent News

The Union was given the following update for the Briggs & Stratton Unit regarding the Covid Quarantine Policy. 
Given the vaccine and testing availability, and lower positive case counts, the Company will be resuming it's standard Short Term Disability process and discontinuing the temporary COVID-19 paid leave benefits for self quarantine effective today 4/19/21.

Voting was closed at 12:00 pm today and the totals for Bargaining Committee were certified and are as follows:

Develon Diggins - 11

Marquis Fikes - 9

Eric McCrory - 4

Steve Rogers  - 2

Thank you to everyone from the Briggs & Stratton Unit who came out to vote and congragulations to Develon Diggins and Marquis Fikes on being elected to the Briggs & Stratton Unit Bargaining Committee.

Also, a big thank you to the Election Committee for giving up their time to make sure the election process was carried out properly 


** Updated on 3/31/21 **

UPDATE:         The company will pay up to 4 hours of missed time from work if you appointment for the Covid vaccine is during work hours. In order to receive the paid hours you must contact Teri Zielski with proof of the vaccine and appointment 



Union Brothers and Sisters,

The following members have been nominated for and accepted office running unopposed. These members will begin their 3 year term in May of this year. The Briggs & Stratton Bargaining Committee positions will go to an election with members in good standing from the Briggs & Stratton Unit being able to vote as described below.

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