When: Tuesday, Aug 20, 2019, 12:00AM - 6:00PM

The Minnesota Nurses Association is holding an informational picket at Esssentia and St. Luke’s.  Our union is supporting and has notified both Essentia and St. Luke’s that we will be participating in it.

This is not a strike.  You can’t skip work for it.  However, we are urging our members to join these pickets when they are off the clock.  

If you have any Steelworker garb or buttons that you can wear, or if you want to make a sign saying “USW Local 9460 Supports the MNA”, please do so.  

The August 20 MNA informational pickets will run from noon until 6pm.  One will be in front of Essentia Health, at 407 E. 3rd Street, and the other will be in front of St. Luke’s on East 1st Street in between 9th Ave. and 11th Ave.