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Rally begins at 6:30pm at the MN Discovery Center, Taconite Square, 1005 Discovery Drive, Chisholm, MN 55719.

On November 13, 2017, we wrote to update you on the steps the USW was taking to challenge the mandatory flu vaccination policy.  The grievance challenging the policy was taken to arbitration at a two-day hearing on March 28 and 29, 2018.  The USW put extensive time and resources into preparing and presenting the case, including hiring outside labor counsel to present the case and bringing in a renowned public health expert from the University of Minnesota.  Unfortunately, we received the Arbitrator’s decision last Friday, July 20, 2018, and Arbitrator George Latimer ruled in favor of Essentia Health.

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From December 1936 to February 1937 members of the United Auto Workers organized a sit-down strike inside the General Motors plants in Flint, Michigan. They ultimately won recognition of their union and improved wages and conditions. "With Babies and Banners" tells the story of the Women's Emergency Brigade, composed of female GM workers and the wives of men involved in the sit-down strike, which not only provided support services (like running the union kitchens that provided food to the strikers occupying the plants) but did picket duty themselves. It intercuts footage from 1937 with interviews with the same women four decades later.

This week the U.S. Senate is holding hearings on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. This is the first step in the Senate’s process of deciding whether or not Kavanaugh should ultimately serve as a Supreme Court Justice. While the issues covered in the hearing are wide-ranging, in the Steelworkers our focus is on the workplace implications of past and future Supreme Court decisions that aren’t often part of the news cycle. 

Listen to healthcare workers around the country (including Local 9460's Heidi Puhl!) talk about why they joined the United Steelworkers union, and what they have gotten out of being a member.  

In 1999 a group of health care workers in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin got together and decided that they wanted to form a union.  What followed was a dramatic orgnizing drive that resulted in several elections where workers at St. Mary's, Millwer Dwan, the Duluth Clinic, St. Lukes and elsewhere, voted to join the United Steelworkers.  United Steelworkers Local 9460 received its official charter on September 15, 2000, and has continued to grow in the years since, succesfully organizing a number of new departments, worksites and employers.  Below are several articles covering the early days of our organzing drives and workplace elections.

A tentative agreement has been reached in the Green Book negotiations.  Keep an eye out for the info packets that we just mailed out!

Green Book contract ratification meetings will be held on Oct. 3 & 4.  Click here for info on the meetings. 

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