Negotiation update 4/22/19


Due to the fact that there is so much confusion, I will try to clear things up.  This upcoming vote is a strike vote.  Now in no way, shape, or form am I telling anyone to strike.  The hospital administration has approached me and told me that they are being told that I am specifically telling people to strike.  I am not.  Everyone has the right to vote the way they want to. I was just making everyone aware that the committee supports the new contract.  The ballots will say YES to accept the contract and NO to strike.  Voting YES means that the new contract will be implemented and that there will be no strike.  Voting NO will mean that there will be no contract and that there will be a strike.  This is the final vote.  I understand that people are frustrated and trying to understand.   I am only trying to be as clear and transparent with you as I possibly can.  There are comments that stated that a letter can be written to the union to get out of it before a strike, and that is false.  I will be posting the strike rules and it will be in the files section on the facebook page.  I will also post it in local's webpage under membership resources. Our locals webpage is  If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected].