USW Local 09620

Welcome to the USW Local 9620 website.  This is a communication tool for the members to get information.  Please join our facebook group page USW LOCAL 9620 NURSES UNITED.  Text icare2 to 47486, to get text blasts.  

Recent News

Hi fellow nurses,

Nurses have been asking when their raises and retro pay will start.  Here is some information to help keep you informed.File usw_som_agreement_summary_may_2019.docx

Hi fellow nurses,

The new contract has been ratified: 245 yes, 67 no.  After the contracts are done and printed out, they will be given out.  I will notify you all when the raises will be implemented.  Stay tuned!

The hospital administration has informed me of some miscommunication and rumors going around.  Therefore, we came up with a Q&A form that could help answer some questions that people may have.  Here it is.

Hello USW Local 9620 Nurses,

We would like to inform you that the union has been notified by the hospital that they have done a market analysis and will be implementing a market adjustment. The union supports the hospital in making this decision. We were pleased to hear this news as we have been consistently telling the hospital administration throughout the past few years that a market adjustment needed to be done. This will not affect contract negotiations. We will still be proposing general wage increases in the upcoming negotiations.

In solidarity