USW Local 09620

Welcome to the USW Local 9620 website.  This is a communication tool for the members to get information.  Please join our facebook group page RWJB-SOMERSET NURSES UNITED.  Text icare2 to 47486, to get text blasts.  

Recent News

The negotiation committee has met with the hospital administration for the fourth time.  We have been discussing non-economic language to improve the language that we already have in the contract.  We have brought to light a lot of the issues that we have been having in the hospital that were expressed from the membership. Here are some of the issues that we have been deliberating over: floating, staffing and acuity, paid leave, education, paid time off, meal and rest periods.  We will be meeting again next week and I will give you all an update.  Thank you.

Hello USW Local 9620 Nurses,

We would like to inform you that the union has been notified by the hospital that they have done a market analysis and will be implementing a market adjustment. The union supports the hospital in making this decision. We were pleased to hear this news as we have been consistently telling the hospital administration throughout the past few years that a market adjustment needed to be done. This will not affect contract negotiations. We will still be proposing general wage increases in the upcoming negotiations.

In solidarity

Spread the word and the surveys! We are now getting our proposals ready for the new contract! There is a survey that all of the nurses need to fill out.  This will help the union committee know what the nurses want in the contract.  Please fill out the survey and give it to a union committee member or email [email protected]. An alternative is to fill out a survey online

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