1.  How much are dues?
Dues are 1.45% of your gross plus two cents per paycheck? 

2.  Who pays the initiation fee?
Newly hired nurses.  The amount will be discussed when a union card is filled out.

3.  When does a nurse become a member?
A nurse becomes a member after working 420 hours which is the end of the probationary period.

4.  When are General member meetings?
The second Tuesday of every month.  Time and location will be posted under events.

5.  What are staffing forms and what happens to them?
Staffing forms are forms that should be filled out when there is a staffing issue.  The form should be copied and given to the director, manager, or nursing supervisor.  Be sure to have a copy for a union committee member.  A director will contact the union president and speak about the staffing issue.  It is very important to fill out these forms they cover the liability of the nurse and helps resolve staffing problems.

6. How can I find out what is going on?
First and foremost, going to the general member meetings.  Joining the Facebook page.  Checking this webpage frequently.  In addition, text icare2 to 47486 to receive updates.

7.  When do I file a grievance?
A grievance shall be filed if there is an action that is against an article in the contract.  You would give this to a union committee member.

8. When does our contract expire?
The contract expires December 31, 2018.

9. What does the nurses' union do for us?
-Provides a voice for the nurses that will be heard
-Involves the nurses in the hospital's decision making  
-Defends nurses when there is a problem  
-Ensures that nurses get treated fairly and with respect  
-Provides protection for nurses  

10. How can I become a steward?
Contact the union president or a union committee member on your unit.