Hello fellow nurses,

We have had our first negotiation meeting on November 19th.  Both economic and non-economic proposals were submitted to the hospital administration.  The proposals that were given to the hospital have stemmed from all of the surveys that were given to us.  We will be meeting next week on the 27th and the 28th to get the administrations response to our proposals and negotiate.  Please expect updates next week after the meetings, thank you.

Hello fellow nurses,

We have met with the hospital today and have decided that we will extend negotiations until January 30th.  We are standing firm in our economic proposals.  We know what the nurses want and we have the right to have a fair wage increase.  We will not accept anything less.   We have to show our solidarity and stand strong with eachother.  Our next meeting is on January 7th.  We will keep you posted.  

In solidarity, 

Your negotiation team

We had hoped to conclude negotiations this week. However, the hospital is not bargaining with us over our economic proposals in a manner that respects all we do to make our hospital the excellent facility that it is. The employer states that we are miles apart. We are standing our ground and refuse to accept it. We put economics across the table that we know will be acceptable for our nurses. So, we all need to stand firm together. We are worth it!!

The current contract has been extended.  The hospital will be meeting with us, however we don't have a date yet.  Once we have a date, it will be posted.  Thank you.

In Solidarity

Hospital is still contemplating whether they want to go back to the table or not. Awaiting for the hospital's response.

Contract vote results 138 no, 135 yes

Dear fellow nurses,

Today, we were told that yet again that the hospital only has one number for raises which is 2%. We are not accepting this at all.  Quite frankly, we feel insulted by the 2%.  They also do not want to put a cap on our insurance, which they have been increasing thoroughout the years unbeknowst to us.  Expect mail from your local that will provide you with the information and pins to wear.  We need to show solidarity at this time to show the hospital system that we are united and stand together.  

In solidarity

The negotiation committee has met with the hospital administration for the fourth time.  We have been discussing non-economic language to improve the language that we already have in the contract.  We have brought to light a lot of the issues that we have been having in the hospital that were expressed from the membership. Here are some of the issues that we have been deliberating over: floating, staffing and acuity, paid leave, education, paid time off, meal and rest periods.  We will be meeting again next week and I will give you all an update.  Thank you.