USW Local 1000

An amazing successful day in honor of an amazing person and wonderful family!! Laura Jones you are loved and touched so many people's hearts.

Thank you to everyone who came oout to the picnic Saturday, and to Billy Spaulding and his crew at Corning Catering. It was a fantastic time, and a perfect day!

Recent News

Laura Jones was asked to be part of an exhibit that was in the Rockwell Museum until December 31, 2021. Laura was very proud of this honor and to be photographed and featured by Christopher Walters, a local photographer. We reached out to Christopher who with Laura's husband Greg's permission agreed to donate Laura's framed photo from the Rockwell to the USW Local 1000 Union Hall to be on display in her memory. On Friday Christopher Walters brought Laura's photo to our local, where her husband Greg joined us as we hung it to be displayed where it was photographed.
Today was an awesome training to kick off Next Gen in person meetings again!! Here's to picking up where we left off in 2020 and building our committee for our local!! I want to thank Brigitte Womer , Brian Callow,  & Israel Torres for an amazing, energized, upbeat training that kept everyone engaged and excited to move their committees forward. Thank you to all the members that stepped up and wanted to be a part of this, learn, and be more active in our Union. Excited to see what we can accomplish and learn this year!!

First Solidarity Day since 2019, and couldn't of been for a better cause and community!! Several USW Next Gen Local 1000 members stepped up to help today in Savona, NY for the Derrick Robbie Memorial Park project. GST BOCES Coopers Campus is doing an outstanding job fixing up the park and especially the T-ball Field for opening day Saturday May 14th. We were very honored to be able to be apart of such a wonderful project. Thank you to everyone who stepped up!! You did an awesome job!!!

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