A special message from your Political Action Committee

Please join us on May 1, the province-wide day of action for a better Ontario.

May 1, or May Day, is the traditional workers’ holiday, a day that working people celebrate the gains they have won over the years and commit to fighting for a better future for everyone.

It’s also just one month before the June 2 provincial election.

That’s why May 1 is so important this year. It’s our chance to raise the issues we’ve been fighting for these last four years and to join with thousands of others who also believe a better Ontario is possible – and who are ready to fight for it.

What we do on May 1 could make history in our province, but only if we show up.

On May 1, I encourage you to join me and the members of our union as we rally for a better Ontario. Bring your family and make it a day to remember: the day we stood up for the future we believe in.

Thank you for being part of this important event. See you on Sunday!

Please register on this link: https://ofl.ca/event/may-1-sudbury/  

In solidarity,  Jerry Thibeault, Sean Staddon - Political Action Committee