MINK 2022 Report

Our Local was proud to send 14 members from 9 of our 11 Units to the 2022 MINK (Jerry Johnson Educational Institute - MO-IA-NE-KS) on June 5-10.

Attendees in Year 1 focused on labor history, the grievance process, and public speaking.

Year 2 attendees focused on topics related to union activism, including health and safety at work, organizing and strategic planning.

Year 3 attendees covered important topics for union leadership, including bargaining preparation and research, union officer duties, and the

Year 4 attendees focused on the arbitration process, the final step in resolving grievances when the company and union can't come to an agreement between themselves. The week ends with a mock arbitration, with students preparing all the documents and arguments then playing the parts of union reps, company reps, and witnesses. A union staff member played the part of arbitrator. The Year 4 students have come a long way from the 3-minute speeches in Year 1, and give the rest of us a lot to look forward to!

We all look forward to bringing what we learned back to our Units and the Local as a whole. If you would like attend Year 1 in 2023, talk to your Unit President and keep an eye out for a call letter mailed to your steward next spring.