Education and Sponsorship Opportunities

United Steelworkers Education Department Online

  • Teaching Tuesdays at
    • The Education Department is proud to present “Teaching Tuesdays” as a series of classes that USW members can attend from the comfort of their homes.
    • All classes are held at either 11 a.m. or 8 p.m. EST, so if you are interested in attending one of the classes please click on the time that you can attend. Sessions run for 90 minutes.
  • Online Training On-Demand at
    • watch videos, download references and take quizzes
    • these classes are sometimes offered in person or over Zoom, but you can take the online portion on your own at any time!
      1. Union Stewards Basics (about 60 min of videos, 4 quizzes)
      2. Local Union Officers Training (about 30 min of videos, 4 quizzes)
      3. How To Write Grievances (about 25 min of videos, 1 quiz)
      4. Presenting Grievances to Management
      5. Intro to Interpreting and Drafting Contract Language (about 60 min of videos)