Members that are covered by different contracts are organized into different Units. Sometimes workers at a single company are grouped into more than one Unit, depending on their contracts. Select your Unit to access your contract and learn about some of your Unit's leaders.

Please note this is not the most final version of the contract, as this is unsigned. This is for basic REVIEW if there are questions about the current guidelines. Use this as a loose guide until otherwise noted of a signed version. Any questions please refer to Danny Yeo or your steward.

Buckeye Partners unit for "Sugar Creek" Pipeline

Executive Board Member: James Kinsler

Executive Board Member (and Chair): Mike Jones

Formerly PQ Corporation

Executive Board Member: Danny Yeo

Executive Board Member: Vincent (Rocky) Britton

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Unit President: Wilber Engelhardt

Executive Board Member: Gabe Hesse

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Unit President: Christie Breedlove

Executive Board Member: Micheal Tanhoff

Acting President: Trey Scarbrough 

E-Board member: Trey Scarbrough

Executive Board Member: Andy Speaker

Unit President

Dennis Mills

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Buckeye Partners unit for Council Bluffs Terminal and Sugar Creek Terminal

Acting Committee Chair: Derek Stephenson