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ST. LUKE'S HOSPITAL UPDATE: The contract for the St. Luke's Hospital workers was set to expire, but the company and the union have agreed to extend it for one month until July 31st. The extension is because of the pandemic. We'll keep you posted about any further changes.

The layoff meetings are continuing for the Green Book every week day. Each meeting is scheduled to be 45 minutes long. Sometimes they take much less time than that, but every once in a while they go over that. During these meetings the company presents its reasons for the job elimination, and what options are available for the worker. As we continue to make our way through the list, we are now getting to folks with significantly less seniority than those we were first meeting with at the beginning of June, which unfortunately means there are not always bump options for them.

CONTRACT: The Red Book contract was set to expire today.  The company and the union have agreed to extend it until a successor agreement is agreed upon.  Either party can give 30 day notice to begin negotiations at any time.

SAL: An agreement has also been made on the Special Administrative Leaves for the Red Book.  The old agreement expired today.  A new one has been agreed to that calls on any department that doesn’t have enough work to ask for volunteers for the SAL.  If there aren’t enough volunteers, the least senior folks can be mandated to go on leave.  People who volunteered for the leaves in the past will have a chance to either volunteer again, or come back to work this way.  The agreement allows for the leaves to be in effect for up to 90 days.    If you are currently on leave, you should be hearing from your management team today.

LAYOFFS: There was one Red Book layoff meeting today.  There is a possibility of one or two more layoffs, but they have been delayed, and will possibly not happen, because of some issues we have raised about them.

Because of the COVID-19 crisis the start of our Essentia Health Red Book contract negotiations has been postpooned for at least one month (meaning the old contract will stay in effect).  However, we are still going ahead with preparing.  We mailed out contract surveys this Spring, and have gotten a number mailed back.  However, if you lost yours or never got one, feel free to download and mail in the survey attached here.  We use these surveys to develop our negotiations strategy, so it's very worthwhile to fill these out.  Make sure your voice is heard!

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