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Recent News

We are still in continuous talks with both St. Luke’s and Essentia Health.  There are going to be more discussions to come.  To date, neither employer has agreed to rescind their vaccine mandation or delay the deadlines, but they are both offering medical and religious exemptions, that from what we’ve seen, appear to be following the EEOC guidelines.  We plan to continue discussions about what constitutes an exemption, requirements for remote workers and of course, the upcoming federal government mandation guidelines that will be published by the CDC. 

ESSENTIA & ST. LUKE'S: If you have filed a religious exemption to the vaccine mandate of either Essentia Health or St. Luke's, and it has been denied, we ask that you reach out to the union to discuss your appeals options. You can reach us at [email protected], or by sending us a direct message here on facebook.

In a very close vote, the new proposed Red Book contract at Essentia Health passed. We'd like to sincerely thank everyone that was able to come out and vote yesterday and today - especially those who offered feed back on the issues that concerned them. We are committed to continue to address all of those concerns going forward.

Essentia Health was unable to get the answers to our informational request on their COVID-19 vaccine mandate by Aug. 16. They are saying they will have it by Aug. 23. St. Luke's has yet to send us a written response to our informational request. We do have dates for both employers for when we will sit down and bargain over the mandate. For St. Luke's our meeting with the company will be August. 26. And for Essentia Health it will be Sept. 15.