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The Sam Ray Medical Screening Program

As a current worker at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (GDP), we are eager to inform you that you are entitled to a free comprehensive occupational medical screening examination through the Worker Health Protection Program (WHHP) every three years. The screening offers a physical exam, chest x-ray, breathing test, routine blood work (including cholesterol and triglyceride testing) and, for eligible participants, beryllium sensitivity testing.

The primary purpose of the exam is to detect work-related illnesses that may have been caused by your exposures to radiation and/or toxic chemicals at the Portsmouth GDP. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of getting your screening physical and how crucial the early detection of possible work-related illnesses is to improved health outcomes.

Additionally, with the return of the Early Lung Cancer Detection Program, a low-dose CT scan will be offered to participants who have an increased risk of lung cancer based on age, smoking history and potential occupational exposure to lung cancer hazards (such as asbestos, beryllium or radiations). You must complete the WHPP physical in order for us to evaluate whether you are eligible for the lung cancer screening program.

To setup an appointment for a physical at the WHPP clinic in your area, call the toll free number at Queens College: 1-888-241-1199.

Do you know anyone who has not taken advantage of the WHPP Medical Screening Program? If so, please encourage him or her to do so!


Jeanne Cisco, WHPP Outreach Coordinator
Carrie Montgomery, Benefits Representative

Tribute to Our Friend, Sam Ray (June 26, 1932 to April 28, 2007)

Sam Ray was a great union man. He believed in a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. He also believed in fair and equal treatment for all workers. Sam was very active in organizing the Portsmouth atomic plant in the 1950’s. He was a union steward for many years and held many different union positions. He was always willing to help and contribute in any way he could for the betterment of the union and the membership. Even after he retired due to health reasons, Sam would not sit idle. He was effective at persuading Congress to provide free medical screenings for all current and former workers at the plant. Because of his own health problems, Sam knew early detection was the key. After screenings were secured, he became the lead coordinator, and highly respected member, of the Portsmouth arm of the Worker Health Protection Program. Even after his illness worsened in the last two years, Sam showed his devotion to the Program by coming to the union hall on a daily basis to assist former and current DOE workers with EEOICPA claims or issues related to the screening. Sam’s work went beyond the medical screening program. He testified before the United States House and Senate for a compensation bill, not for himself, but for all nuclear workers. This bill was passed and is the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act of 2000. The bill was not perfect and Sam knew it. He urged members of the United States House and Senate to make improvements. With his help, the law was changed in 2004. Because of this involvement in the passage of the 2004 EEOIPCA Amendments, Sam was honored with the prestigious R.G. Norris Award in 2005. This award is given to one layperson annually by the Ohio Trial Lawyers Association. Sam’s union achievements could fill a book. He is very much loved and missed by all that knew him.