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The OHRC has developed a series of questions and answers for understanding your human rights and obligations during the COVID-19 pandemic. These questions and answers cover the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees, tenants and landlords, as well as residential institutions.

Disclaimer: The answers to the questions posed do not constitute legal advice. The OHRC continues to monitor the evolving situation and will update or add to these questions and answers on an ongoing basis as needed.


Hi Members,

Please find a link  below to an update from the USW National Office in regards to the ongoing negotiations between the Government and the University of Guelph and USW on behalf of our members.

The governments actions make no sense as our employer tries to minimize the negative impact on our members during these times by offering to top-up salaries, only to be prevented by the government.

Please follow this link to see the Report on the 2019 Projects (including the Friday Meal Program hosted by Local 4120).

The Downtown Guelph organizations who offer services to the vulnerable population in Guelph (Royal City Mission, The Drop In Centre, Hope House and others) have met to figure out the best way to continue providing valuable services to those most vulnerable in our city.

The current plan is as follows:

Hope House is offering out-services such as food cupboard delivery.

The Drop-In Centre is currently closed. Meanwhile, the staff are working in our local hotels to help support the homeless being housed during the Covid-19 crisis.