Qualification(s): Student who is a member or former member, or who is from the immediate family of a member of USW Local 4120, and who is entering semester 2, 3 or 4 of a degree or diploma program in the Winter semester. If there is more than one eligible candidate, the award will go to the one who has attained the highest relative class standing in his or her previous full-time semester, provided that a minimum of 70% standing is obtained.

Apply to Student Financial Services (by January 31st)

Amount: One award of $1000

USW4120 Scholarship Award 2020 Austin Van Braeckel

Austin Van Braeckel (recipient of the United Steelworkers Local 4120 2020 Scholarship Award), Ken Van Braeckel, Liz Cherry and Sarah Whelan.

Tristan Logie (recipient of the United Steelworkers Local 4120 2019 Scholarship Award), Cynthia Logie, Jennifer La Porte and Liz Cherry.

I am a first-year student at the University of Guelph majoring in European Studies with an undetermined minor. All my life I have been interested in culture and the arts, which is what drew me to the European Studies program, as it is a nice mixture of the two. Though a very small program, the closeness of the classes makes for a more personable experience that I have greatly enjoyed. For me the University of Guelph has been my first choice in post-secondary education since I was young. Growing up living in Guelph and having a parent who’s worked at the university for as long as I can remember I had become very familiar with the campus so when the event came for me to transition to the school it felt natural. This scholarship will assist in funding a possible year abroad and for the usual cost of living as a university student. I would like to sincerely thank everyone at the United Steelworkers for their support in my further education.

Thank you,
Tristan Logie.


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