January 2022 Contracting Out Report

Happy Holidays Brothers and Sisters.

I see by the calendar on the wall that it is time for Christmas once again. As we draw near to the end of the year, I find myself reflecting on the past year’s events working for Vale. I don’t feel I need to go into the ups and downs that we all have faced with the work force reduction, the ever-changing people in the staff roles, and the constant new detectives we are given almost on a bi-monthly basis does make it challenging to say the least.

We have 26 grievances in the system and have seen very little interest from the company to deal with these grievances. To date the company has contracted out almost 52,000 hours so far this year and with no end in sight, I predict a very busy 2022. I don’t believe the company has a plan for a way out of the predicament of low labor numbers and the inability to lessen the amount of bargaining unit work going out to contractors and trying to achieve their commitment to the agreement reached in our current C.B.A when it comes to the elimination of contractors doing bargaining unit work.

We have been seeing some positive changes when it comes to the company trying to work within the contracting out process. I believe that they are seeing real advantages to working within the contracting out process. The data point we collect and the fact that the contracting out committee with the help of some key people like John Buda and the construction crews from T1 and T3 helped save the Manitoba operation over $ 1.2 million dollars so far this year (2021) and I thank everyone involved for their commitment to the process and to make the Manitoba Operation more competitive on the world market.

We have had more changes to the contracting out committee make up. We are saying goodbye to John Buda as company co-chair for the committee and welcoming Inge Robinson as the new company co-chair. Inge brings to the table new energy, and a commitment to making sure the process is followed while seeking new opportunities to save money. I would also like to welcome Shane Dicks to the contracting out committee as the site services alternate area representative. Please join me in welcoming Shane to the committee.

Lastly, I would like encourage anyone who would like to join our team for contracting out or if you’re interested in joining any other USW committees, please talk to the USW area representative, worker safety representative or union Stewart and make it known you are interested in joining  the team of activists to represent our members or call down to the Union Hall at 204-677-1700 and state your intention to join the team.

Merry Christmas to everyone and hope you have a safe and happy New year.

Glen Boxell

Contracting Out Coordinator