Office Staff

These are the full-time staff at USW LU 6166 Union Hall

Todd Burnside - Health & Safety Divisional Co-Chair

The United Steelworkers believe that their members health, safety and work environment is paramount. It is also a cornerstone to our collective agreement and is given a considerable amount of focus and weight during the negotiation process and everyday interactions in the workplace. H & S Divisional Co-chair leads all Worker Safety Representives in helping our members remain in a safe workplace.

Dan Dnistransky - Joint Problem Solver

Joint Problem Solving covers many aspects or issues of a compelling nature that may require special attention for steelworker members. The steelworkers executive recognized some time ago that many issues such as shift scheduling, harrasment and discrimination, absenteeism, Compensation (WCB), Accident and sickness (A&S), Employee assistance program (EAP), Pension related issues, return to work policies and SPI's (Standard procedural instructions), needed a liason to help coordinate and problem solve with many different contacts.

Scott Clements - Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution plays a crucial role in any collective agreement in the labor movement. Whether an issue arises on the shop floor between a worker and their supervisor or between the union and the company, there is built into the collective agreement a means to resolve those differences.

Glen Boxell - Contracting Out Coordinator

The Contracting Out Coordinator (COC) became a full time role as of 2005 for the Union. The contracting out coordinator is responsible for chairing the monthly contracting out meetings between the Company and Union area representatives. This is achieved along with company members of Contract Administration and Purchasing attending.

The purpose of this role is to reduce and eliminate the amount of contracting out work within the mines and surface plants. This is a challenging role due to the vast amount of growth and expansion happening at Vale Inco over the past few years, and the amount of contractors seems to be growing all the time. Contracting out has a globally recognized effect on job security, and USW 6166 recognized a need to make this a full time role for our members protection.

Val Mattila - Adminstrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant is the Assistant to the President and, in addition, assists with the administration of the office.

Their scope of work requires multi-tasking and includes: Processing letters, reports from rough draft or copy, minutes, news releases, Gauntlet newsletter, travel arrangements, receptionist duties, sorting and distributing mail, filing, processing grievances, WCB claims, assisting officers and committee persons, updating membership lists, assisting with the preparation of annual events such as the National Day of Mourning, the National King Miner Contest and Labour Day, maintaining committee and membership databases, monitoring the repair of office equipment, ordering supplies, assisting the Financial Secretary, where applicable, with bank reconciliations and payroll. 


Administrative Assistant
Contracting Out Coordinator
Conflict Resolution (Grievance Handling)
Joint Problem Solver
Health & Safety Divisional Co-Chair - C.M.U.T. WSR