In the Community

On May 11, 2022, in a show of solidarity, Local 6500 Members Eric Delparte, Sean Staddon, Goncalo Valentim and Ray Hammond joined striking members of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 973 who have been on strike since May 2nd.


Please join us on May 1, the province-wide day of action for a better Ontario.

May 1, or May Day, is the traditional workers’ holiday, a day that working people celebrate the gains they have won over the years and commit to fighting for a better future for everyone.

It’s also just one month before the June 2 provincial election.

L-R:  Dan Xilon, Sudbury Food Bank Director, USW Representatives Tom White, Owen Marcotte, Todd McLeod and Jeffrey LaLonde, and Vale representatives Claire Parkinson and Gord Gilpin