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The Town Hall Meeting with Jagmeet Singh here at the Steelworkers Hall was very well attended.  See video here.

2019 Northen Lights Festival
July 4-7, 2019
Bell Park

Rich Duthie uses the 1958 and 1978-79 Inco strikes as backdrop to 'explore the past' as part of his dissertation.

There's a lot of anniversaries intersecting right now when it comes to Greater Sudbury's mining labour history.

The 60th anniversary of the 87-day-long 1958 Mine Mill-Inco strike was last year. The 40th anniversary of the end of the nine-month-long 1978-79 USW-Inco strike is this month.

Close to 100 people gathered in Sudbury on Wednesday to take part in a provincial protest against Premier Doug Ford.

The General Strike Against Ford protests took place in about two dozen Ontario communities. They were organized to protest cuts being made to programs across the province affecting health, education and other services.